will make your app...

more retentive
more absorbing
more retentive
more absorbing


    Story Camera

    Encourage your users to generate full-screen, ephemeral stories using their own cameras, their favorite photos from galleries or help them create easy stories with templates.


    Position Storyly Moments as public stories, like an explore feed, or limit story visibility only to followers by tailoring the customizable structure to your needs. Use creator and consumer tags for your sub-communities in your whole audience.

    Advanced Moderation

    Take control of your app’s content without restricting your creators via the automated flagging system powered by Amazon’s Rekognition and trust your community’s senses with a reporting mechanism. Thus, take action according to your own rules and policy by leveraging the best moderation capabilities.


    Enable your users to support and appreciate each other with likes, claps, and more. Customize the reaction icon with different icons which fit best to your app. Maintain good vibes only.

    Moments under Spotlight

    A unique and powerful social layer

    Give your users a full canvas to express themselves, build an integrated social experience, and grow your community.

    Increase peer-to-peer social engagement to build trust

    Easily establish sincerity and trust between buyers and sellers, trainers and trainees, or influencers and community members.

    Scale the content creation and consumption

    Let your users generate engaging, full-screen, socially rewarding stories. Create a snowball effect on content creation and consumption by facilitating more humane and genuine interactions.

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